May 31st, 2014


"your pretty face and electric soul"

Good heavens, things seem to really be taking off! I'm terribly excited (and apparently rather busy). News on the illustration front is as follows: I have two logos and three books to work on. I cannot even wrap my mind around it. I'll also be finishing out the summer working on the bookstore side rather than the café, which will be super nice -- the people are nicer and I love the bookstore. And, Ben gave me his mother's old bike so that I have transportation! All in all, things are really going my way. Which is a really nice change.


I am still waiting to hear back on various funding and housing things from King's College, so there are things to stress over and figure out there, but... at the moment I am just going to be pleased with what is working.


Oh, and random music suggestion for everyone: the Postmodern Jukebox cover of "Young and Beautiful" by Lana del Rey. It's so lovely and twenties-sounding. I still love the original, but this might be even more to my tastes.

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    "Young and Beautiful" - Postmodern Jukebox